Life By The Thorns

by Ricky Hamilton



This album is the first solo release by founder of QTR Ricky Hamilton.


released November 30, 2016

Life By The Thorns was recorded at Bad Racket Recording Winter/Spring 2016 by Ricky Hamilton. Engineered by James Kananan. Photography by Jacqueline Bon. Art direction by Vinny Zazzero. All songs and instrumentation by Ricky Hamilton. Limited 100 cassette release by Nervous Room Tapes (cle) and Quality Time Records.



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Quality Time Records Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Is It Enough
It's not what you wanted, is it?
But is it enough to stay tonight...
Track Name: Manic Pixie Dream
Is she the only one that you ever wanted
You can see in her eyes a desire for more
Maybe over time she can understand
The way you see the world through her raven hair

She's you manic pixie dream girl
Track Name: Raw Sugar
Guided by the moon I'll see you soon
Another long night
Turns into the daylight

All I want is raw sugar on the way to find my
One true love, somewhere far away

And when I'm all alone
A little piece of home sounds like
The perfect thing
A little bit of novocaine

Raw sugar
In the morning

Guided by the moon I'll see you soon
Another Ohio night moves in for the daylight

All I want is raw sugar on the way to find my one true love somewhere far away

And the truth is
Sometimes I find myself in your arms

Raw Sugar
In the Morning
Track Name: Getaway
I want to getaway

Giving it all I got
My mind is on the money
Trying to get away from here
The car is in drive
And the cash i stole is king
My body and heart and soul
I can never go back from here
I can never go back from...
Track Name: Slow Burn
When I was inside of you
You looked at me and I looked at you

When I was just a boy
I dreamed of this from miles away

When I couldn't see the point
I knew there was no going back for me

All I needed was your love
To seal this new life with a kiss

When I was inside of you
You looked at me, i looked at you
Track Name: Die For Nothing
Die for nothing

All that you love is burning down
Track Name: The Connection
When I was a boy
I knew I had to go
Couldn't stay around my hometown streets
Cause i didn't want to die

So I told you the truth
But I should have told you a lie
Cause you wouldn't get in my car
And come with me for the ride

But the car got me there anyway
The car got me where I need to go
I just put it in drive
And let my mind move slow

When I was a boy
I knew I couldn't hang around
Cause i didn't like the path I saw
Everybody around me take

And i'm sorry that we lost the connection
I'm still so far away
But I hope you like the old world
I hope that's why you stayed

But the car got me so far away (yeah)
The car gets me where i need to go
You didn't wanna let me go
But the car took me there anyway

The car gets me there either way
Track Name: It's Gone
What you wanted
What you needed
What I wanted
What I needed

It's gone