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Terri Amazingly crafted songs, beach & surf element def there but also many other stylistic elements that make it a fun & interesting listen all the way thru. Favorite track: Elated.
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This album was recorded over a few years in Nashville, Tenn. and Cleveland, Ohio. The earliest songs "Geep Rangler" and "Elated," were recorded in a small dorm room by Greg Scheckler and feature all three founding members; Ricky Hamilton (The Nico Missile), Carter Luckfield (Dionysian Mystery) and Jared Chapman. The songs "Tandem Danderly's," "Malaga," and "Stormy Weather,"were recorded in Cleveland at Wild Lion Studios for the "El Año Del Surf." LP. All the songs featured on Soft Kisses In The Rain EP were recorded at either Elberta or 15th Avenue South In Nashville by Chris Worley and Greg Sheckler. The album has been curated by founding members and has been remastered by James K. at Bad Racket Recording in Cleveland, Ohio. Electric Lady Love, Red Wine, and It's Just A Feeling were recorded at sessions during the making of Soft Kisses. We would like to thank our dedicated fans for encouraging us to compile this record. Thank you.


released February 11, 2016

Ricky Hamilton -- Vox, Songwriting, Lyrics, Drums, Percussion
Carter Luckfield -- Guitars, Songwriting, Bass, Various World Instruments, Keys, Melotron, Backing Vox, Arrangements
Jared Chapman -- Bass, Songwriting, Vocal Arrangements and Harmonies
Chloe Kat -- Backing Vocals on Electric Lady Love
Kinsey Brown -- Backing Vocals on Stormy Weather

Recorded by -- Greg Scheckler and Chris Worley.



all rights reserved


Quality Time Records Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Geep Rangler
Hey, hey
Today we’re gonna surf away
Our problems

Oh no
You make me feel so cold

I took a trip
To the beach
Sand on my feet
Warm summer heat
We’re all okay
As long as I don’t have to deal with you anymore
I swear to god that I am fine

Hey, hey
I hate the world you made
For me
So love me
Don’t hurt me
I’m lonely
Don’t hurt me, baby

You just don’t understand
The world does not revolve around you
But you’re so vain you think it does

You just don’t understand
The world does not revolve around you
I’ll catch a wave and we are done
I’ll wave my hand and we are done

You just don’t understand the world does not revolve around you
Track Name: Tandem Danderly's
Lost inside my mind
Without a modicum of time
No one to tell a riddle
Or twist a clever rhyme
There’s only me here
There’s only me here

Oh, you know I took the long way home

Once upon a time in a story land of mine
I took the longest way back home
To see if I could find
A fairy or a dragon…
A fairy or a dragon

Rainy days and lazy nights
Make me feel at home again
Searching for that greater high
Makes me feel at peace again
Please don’t take my life away
Please don’t take my booze away
Let me do this all myself
Let me do it all myself

Oh you know I took the long way home
You know I took the wrong way
The wrong way

Looking out the window
Wishing I were back at home with you
Rustic country roads
Have got my head all spun around
I been lonely since I saw you in the third week of the summer
I just wish you knew my number so you’d call
Track Name: Western Spaghetti
It's not you it's what you do to me, to make me feel, the way I feel inside, my head again tonight. I'm just a man that can't control the heart that beats inside his chest, but oh, I'm thankful that I have one. I'm all but certain all the fluids, that occupy my brain, are bubbling like a sewer when it rains. Some call it love I call it other drugs, I'll rig myself for you, then I'll shoot you up and smile, I'm not lovesick anymore.

You were over by the western sea, you hand that lipstick straight to me, Needle point sting like an angry bee I'll follow those tracks to the western sea. You'll See.

Dancing in the summer soft kisses in the rain it's another day, another day, another day, another day. Break apart and piece together everything you said to me. Lies after lies after lies after travesty. .

Feeling like the winters coming everyday, looking like it's coming real fast like a freight train. If you were thinking I was missing you then you were right. All I wanna do is hold your hand in the moonlight.

My lonely head at night, drowning in your lakeside.

I will always love you.
I won't ever leave.
Track Name: Walk Run
In the bewitching hours I feel you, well inside my bones. Gripping to the soul you've come to know. But I don't ever want to wake, in another blood-soaked room, singing now my friends are dead, and I guess I'm coming soon.

Who are you to tell me who I am or what to do?

Suits and ties, freak me out. Khaki slacks like heart attacks, steal the souls of average jacks who see the green and can't look back. Family friends and favorite pens, stupid shoes and cooing hens, Xanax bars and 9-5, can you die if you're never alive?

Walk run here we go.

Beautiful as sadness,
Washing over me.
Visceral the feelings,
Drips from all the trees.
Feeling is a sign that maybe it's just nice to be,
Life is made of water, when I push it, it just comes right back to me.

Everyday is what you make. It's okay don't be afraid. Life is water, it's not glass, push it you will always come right back.
Track Name: Open Up Your Third Eye
Looking out the window, staring at the pain. I'm in love with all the spiders let them carry me away. I said if you know in your heart then there's no reason to explain, don't let the riddles of the mind reflect the image on the page.

When I leave,
there is no guarantee you'll find me
I'll be floating on a way amidst the helpless and the dying.
Let me leave, so I can live extraordinarily
and I'll always be a daimon, and I always be a diamond.

Humans have the power to create gods, using words to express their wisdom, of greater being

Cultural zeitgeist, Running off and getting married to the times, she's getting married to the times. Cultural zeitgeist, running off and getting married, to the time, she's getting married

Open up your third eye

Cultural zeitgeist, Running off and getting married to the times, she's getting married to the time. Cultural zeitgeists, running off and getting married, to the time, she's getting married

the veil is all covered in her blood; she's been murdered by the times.
What a crime! What a crime! Read about it in the times.
All New York is in a tiff but tomorrow they'll be fine, mind you money equals time.
Have you heard about the crime? Money equals
Track Name: Native American Moon Child
Time in the garden
Turns into nothing
Apple of my eye
Turn into something

Under your blanket, out in the freezing, always be easy.

I've got a spirit,
Her name is grieving
Always in excess
Always deceiving
I met an angel
She's made of diamonds
I've got an angel
She's made of diamonds

I aint got no time, to listen to you whine,
I've got a spirit to hold onto

Opened up my eyes, to the mirror in my mind

Oh, you are traversing, the memories I've long since left behind.
Track Name: Stormy Weather
Sometimes, I like, stormy weather. It seems to bring in the bigger waves. High tides, red sand, run away. Come now and chase down the hurricane.

Big waves remind me of better days. My god resides in the lower sea. Sun dress, great thighs, golden hair. No care she takes care of me.

Now I'm as high as a summer kite, Strung out about to be free, No shirt my shoes in the old van, Just me the gods and the sea.

Surf away today, baby. Surf away with me.

Tongue-tied, eyes on the biggest wave, my life has led me to thee. Feels like the waves gonna get me, now I will always be free.
Track Name: Elated
Oh, you make me feel so high

I feel elated
I feel amazing
I feel so happy
You make me happy

I feel ecstatic
I’m flying high
You make me cry
I’m just so happy
So happy

Oh, pass that over here
So I can feel so happy

Oh, you make me feel like
I’m the only one in mind
The feeling that I need
When I think I lost my mind
Track Name: Red Wine
Oh we’ve grown up, now we always drink red wine.
And we wait for the train by the magnetized rail line
And we all live in boxes with all that we need
And everything’s simple without seasons and I don’t need you

All I need is your love and affection
Or maybe, I need you and your love and affection
Your love and affection I need you

Cause iving in shells
You’re so cancerous always
Biting and holding my neck
You’ve got me in your claw
But it all seems so okay
Till you slit my throat open and drink the blood, baby
You’re a vampire, maybe

And I know that you drank all of my red wine
Cause it’s written across your teeth
And in the place that you slept last night
When I know that you weren’t sleeping with me

Oh, and those slits in your eyes
Are devil-wide
And shining on me
And I don’t know why
Or how I got roped into that
Tell me one thing

Why is it so impossible?
For you to see that
Drinking all of my red wine
And spitting it out in my face
Is never gonna teach me that
I need to change
Track Name: Great White Moon
Great White Moon
Heal me, hold me
Be my teacher
Be my guide
I will love you ever and always

And isn't it so beautiful
When everything aligns
Every little star
Has a single
Space and time
When everything aligns
Galaxies around us
Are seemingly inseparably


In the heavens
My life has meaning
At night my soul supersedes my body
Blowing kisses at the moon
Makes goodnights for me


Where are you from?
Would you like
To dance with me

In the perfect moment
Is it your place or mine

The heart has it's reasons
Which reason knows nothing of

You are, for me, the most beautiful

Let my kisses be the words of love I don't say.

Great big space
Holding my hair back
Red hot sun
Filling my void
Great White Moon
Loving me always
Big black hole
Kissing my hand
Cool blue wave
Indian sunset
Flower in hand
Coming Undone

Feeling My love from far away.


With you or me
Love conquers all
Even in death love survives


In the heavens
My life has meaning
At night my soul supersedes my body
Blowing kisses at the moon
Makes goodnights for me
Track Name: Malaga
Float through time
Never mind it’s all the same
Peace in the sky
Means all the god are on our side
It’ll be okay

Look the ocean in the eyes
Never be afraid to speak your mind

Find a pretty girl
Fall in love and build a home
Don’t be alone

Stay in touch with all the years that turned to rust
They all made you

You don’t need to build a park
They’re made from all the rain
And a couple seeds

So, when you have the time
Remember all we have is time
And you’ll be free

And always stay relaxed remember everything will pass
Just let it be…

So take me away to Malaga
Take me away to the land of the setting sea

Happiness is not contentment
Throw away your old resentment
Please, live in harmony
Let it be…
Track Name: Electric Lady Love
If these eyes could scream
They’d sing please just let me be

I always find that all the best things in my life
Are always simple

Behind a razorblade it’s always red tomorrow
Don’t cut yourself
Always live in sorrow

Just let it bleed
You take all the time you need

Creeping and crawling
On your knees
For me please don’t let it bleed
Don’t you know your ABC’s?
It’s simple

Throw away your razorblade
Save it for another day
You don’t have to die today
Never should it end that way

When all your work is done
You’ll move on

Play like you’re dreaming
Anywhere you want
Don’t you feel much better, dear?
Love is in your heart
Home is where you’re happy
Ever since the start
Don’t you feel much better, dear? Love is in your heart
Track Name: It's Just A Feeling
No more sunshine, till we reach dry land
No more oceans, when we see the sand

Oh, It’s just a feeling

Fire drenched and standing cold
Is this oven, hot?

Some people ride in cars
Others take the see

Weeping sounds from laughing deafs,
Never are they bored

I wanna play your party
I wanna play it for free
Go to bed in the morning
I wanna have a good dream

Spider webs and country bliss
Fifty yards of flag
Horizontal way of living
Married to the grass

Sometimes I get
So lost I think
That I can be found
Other times I feel so found I could get so lost

It’s just a feeling