Where's Kevin

by Joyframe



“Where’s Kevin,” nods to 80’s and 90’s lo-fi alternative bands like Ohio’s own Guided By Voices while remaining truly unique. Its depth is heard though unorthodox chord structures, simple, driving yet refined bass lines, and focused use of girl/guy vocal aesthetics. This album was recorded over two days in Cleveland, Ohio but nothing on this album was rushed. The songwriting pair of Courtney and Caleb worked on these songs well over a year, adding intellectual layers that aren’t disguised behind vague allusions but rather shoved in your face.


released September 23, 2015

Courtney Plumley - bass + vocals
Caleb Gill - guitar + vocals
Daniel Reed - Drums

Special thanks to Reid Magette for his humble wisdom. Thanks to Bad Racket Recording and James Kananan.



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Track Name: Blue Rave
welcome to blue rave
I hear it’s fun
welcome to blue rave this year
got a bit of a habit
I’m outrun
need a place to break it
I’m done

where I could be alone
where I could cure the drone
(luggin’ this lifestyle
with some mysterious awkward smile)

welcome to blue rave
I say it’s dumb
welcome to blue rave this year
just a part of your headache
that steady hum
there’s time to roll up the pant leg
last year

where I could grow alone
where I could cure the drone
where I could be alone
if I could kill the drone
(luggin’ this lifestyle
with my ridiculous awkward smile)
Track Name: Queen Of All Mystics
crawling backwards towards it
Queen of All Mystics wears her face of multitude
with forefingers crossin’
she cuts out air
that’s thick and folding me the fool

am I
coming on too strong
another tidal shade?

hallowed are the torches
where slanted is her dance spun wild
and through my dreams
call it acrobatics
bent out of shape against her waves of normalcy

am I
gonna flood the lung
or remain the shut away?
Track Name: Resin Rabbit
Resin Rabbit
wisest of the downs
fool’s gold
the cool they slum around

lonely speaker
center of the town
with heart planted
in the ground

looks like it’s you
tuning blue in the face
no doubt it’s you
spittin’ fire till you’re blue
in the face

hear there’s a show at the end
set off to wreck myself again
Track Name: Yer Out
you’re six runs under
what do you know?

there’s so much pressure in here
get me on the outfield
there’s so much pressure in here
I don’t want to feel

your fans are leaving
where do they go?
Track Name: Drop My Towel
do you
find it hard to choose
subservience or bruised

rest your chin, unamused

1 in 2
it’s barely even you
just a shade of who I knew

so erratically crude

at night i wink out from my window
so negative
bind strength to drop my towel and run
towards truth, naked
can’t find the bone to be cold
and off-handedly I was yours
we all swell
but your carved-out rage
was something more
a furious flaw
not adored
Track Name: No Sleep
pine over lowered culture
climb the needle’s wick
wash under rawest power
cry your pit stains wet

sweet no sleep
sweet no sheep

cracked moral compass crystal
wound deep in no soul’s hand
arrest the free stag weekend whiteout
beat your yourself against

will I ever support you
with more than just these two hands?
Track Name: Cushion
I got it
you got the lag of me

I hid it
under the stone in me

to all those who couldn’t please

I’ll snub it
into the dirty crease
of yesterday

bog like a blindworm holing
Track Name: Spirit Bug
for as long as I can remember
there’s been a bug
crawling on my head
for as long
as I can remember there’s been a bug
crawling all over my head

stretch along the head
of the shoulder
till those gypsy twins
have us cornered
we chase along for heart attack roses
till voices clear us over